A Love of Paper Flowers

Originally posted on April 30th, 2012 on my original blog.

Where it all began (admittedly, with some edits) 

No one is more surprised than me.

I never considered sculpture.

I am an artist.

I am a painter who also loves to draw.

I am a sculptor.

For many years I enjoyed working in the holiday decorating business. Along with my dear partner, Chris, we decorated many of the biggest office buildings in Philadelphia. We had lots of fun together.

What does any of that have to do with giant, oversized paper flowers?

The thing that made Chris and I stand out among other decorators was that we made all of our decorations…yes all of them (well, not glass balls…but pretty much everything else). We made everything from giant stuffed dolls and animals to animated figures, to 8 foot snowflakes to Santa and his reindeer! All 3 dimensional pieces. Yup, various versions of sculpture. We were doing what it took to get customers. And it worked. We had many customers for many years. 

Today, as I have let go of the reins and let my art take me where it will, I am doing sculpture. This time as a "flower artist" doing oversized paper sculptures of flowers. It is befuddling, how I ended up here. This was not meant to be…I am a 2 dimensional artist…paintings, drawings!



This is so difficult for me to even consider.

So here is what I have decided. Not gonna think about the name, the title…just gonna get to doing the work. It is the work that has really shaken me. It continues to delight me and enchant me. This is a new experience. The first big, giant paper flower  did something to me I have never felt before (at least with my own art). It was as if it had been made by some one else. Weird, but this art is taking me somewhere on a journey, so no resistance here. It's all flow.

So…oversized paper flowers! Dream about them day and night….think about them almost every waking moment. Paper flowers it is!

How about you? Have you ever experienced anything like this at all? I would really LOVE to hear from you if you have. Have you ended up in a different place than you imagined? Share your thoughts!

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And make today your best day ever!